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happy warm indian food coma
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Book: Feet of Clay
Film: Upstairs Downstairs 2nd disk

Guru had a great idea. We just got back from indian food. It was very yummy and surprisingly cheap. Of course, the last thing we ate was sushi, so my "food for money" measurement is a little off.

I haven't written in awhile. There has been a conference, work, and general laziness on my part, but also there has been a lack of anything to say. I had nothing appropriate to say about the war. I had fallen out of habit of writing about my work over here though the time to reflect has been helpful in someways. There was also Easter in there and a few nights of cards. But basically nothing to say.

The conference has brought me back with even fewer words. It was at the same time the best and the worst conference I've ever attended. So now I sit and I'm complacient. So relieved to be back in my old haunts. So revealed by my behavior patterns. So re-villified by my bad habits. I've contacted a woman who I hope will help me move forward. She hasn't written me back yet.

A perspective job has though. i have a phone interview with a real live company on Tuesday morning. I've forgotten how to prepare for a phone interview.

In the meantime, I got "take-home" work from uss for the weekend. Can you believe it?! I would laugh if I didn't know the tight spot they had to be in to send work home with the Temp (TM). It shouldn't be too bad. With any luck I can wrap it up tomorrow morning.

But we have a banana and that makes it alright.

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