the methods and means of procrastination

I need this
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In a perfect world, things would happen like this:

Computer time would not count against your 24 hour allotment.

The good news: I am the same type as Peter Tchaikovsky
The bad news: I share the same type with Michael Jackson

So I finally got around to taking the 9 Types Test with these results:

Type 3 - 6 Motivator
Type 4 - 6 Romantic

So I assume this makes me a 3w4.

Runners Up:
Type 1 - 5 Reformer
Type 5 - 5 Thinker
Type 6 - 5 Skeptic
Type 9 - 5 Peacemaker

I would say that the Type 3 is so right on it is not even funny. Type 4 was about half right.

I particularly liked this phrasing for Type 3:
Threes can refrain from being competitive but focus on self-improvement instead. This will lead to genuine admiration from others and lessen the fear of rejection.

What's Playing: Country Feedback (REM)
Book: The Running Man
Film/TV: Buffy Season 4

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