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Alls fair in love and taxes
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Amused....I can't help it.

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In a perfect world, things would happen like this:

They would get a real accountant to watch this city's budget. Politians would not touch the money.

I still strong believe (in my more pessimistic moods) that a lot of the money heartache pgh is feeling now is directly related to the number of "golf agreements" politicians past and present have made on the golf course instead of in the board room.

I'm not certian why local politics entertain me they way the do. I mean, the city going bankrupt, really big deal. Laying off police and closing parks, bad scene. But the sheer theatrics -- that finger pointing would literally happen at all -- tickles me to no end. Look out world. They take Large Steps!

You gotta probl'm wid dat?

Just as [rendell] was finishing, one legislator, Rep. Ken Ruffing, spotted a Republican who'd just entered the room -- Allegheny County Chief Executive Jim Roddey...Ruffing, a crewcut West Mifflin Democrat who resembles a middle linebacker, pointed to Roddey and demanded that he call Republican senators and insist that they get back to work...when Ruffing wouldn't give up, Roddey said, "I've asked that [Senate Republicans] meet as soon as possible to get this resolved. I don't know what more I can do."

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