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no rest for the wicked

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So I was working this sat in the office cause deadlines have run over and such and i start hearing this drum beat. Apparently Ambridge is having their holiday parade today... right now in fact. I have a front row seat.


So I shut off my music and looked out the window. I've never seen so many clarinets and saxiphones in my life. They are heavy on teh wood winds. All the brass needs to get their horns up. And only about 50 % were in step. (why in my day...) One of the trumpet players was chewing gum. (I'm sure all you band alumni cringe with me) All the flags, pom-poms, and battands look great.

Next followed the holiday fire engines. Since fire is such a holiday tradition. No santa claus but each of the engines were decked out with plastic ornaments.

And that was it.

Well I certianly feel more festive.

Later Note: There was a horse drawn carrier with "holiday elves" but I didn't see it until it was coming back the other way. At this point they are not blocking traffic so it is very much like a road to an amish farm at the moment. Horse went about 5 city blocks, dropped its complimentary reminder of why we keep farm animals out of the city and then proceeded back to where it came.

What's Playing: Jingle Bells - slightly flat
Book: One Palestine Complete: Arabs and Jews under the British Mandate
Film/TV: Upstairs Downstairs season 5
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