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So I was bewailing that I had not written in a while and didn't have anything to say. But then I looked the paper.

I've found out what's wrong with this city.

  • We are not among the elite of the nation.
  • Only 25% of the people here have bachlor degrees while education is one of our "boom" industries. My only comment to this is we should probably stop investing in coffee houses and start looking at drag racing or nascar sport bars.
  • More money goes to undeveloped areas (read farmland) then to established communities, usually for short-term retail development, instead of "quality employers". (unless you all want to be walmart greeters.)
  • And the fact that we need a $325,000 survey to tell us you never "get people to cooperate by insulting them." - That was really an eye opener.

I don't know. I think the city and the county will eventually merge, and I doubt murphy will be re-elected. Of course, the way he has been talking, I can only assume that would be for the best.

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