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Well I've had a good day off. Started off with some email and christmas shopping online, followed by 4 episodes of Upstairs Downstairs and ignoring my christmas cards stacked infront of me. I then cut up wrapping paper for gifts to travel with us tomorrow morning to MI. Can't wrap them because we are flying, but I've learned that you can wrap anywhere if you have paper and some tape. I finished up by scrubbing down the kitchen and getting some kind of resolution with a work issue. Ack. Why do people have to be horrible on your day off? Ok. Ok. Why do I have to be over sensitive about taking time off on my day off?

At anyrate, the gifts are kind of meger this year, but I've got a few fun ones. I curse my so's penchant for choosing gifts that won't be available until next year. Unfortunately we got something in the mail that *might* be a gift for me. If I've recognized the label then I might have guessed the present. Guess we will see when the guru gets home! We also bought fun baskets for extended family this year. I've always wanted to send them. Sort of like send apples from Mich. It's just fun to send something we care about to other people. Not to make them happy, but to share some memory with them. I'm tired of making people happy. I have one more gift to get before tomorrow, so I might be running out to find it once the car is back. We had some great photos taken and I'm hoping to show them off at least up at the farm. My family was happy with them. Some day I will get them scanned.

Putting off the christmas cards. I don't know. This year they just feel like a terrible waste of paper. I almost want to send people blank ones so they can reuse them.

Beyond that, I'm trying not to think about the weekend or the travel. Really because its so small next to other things. I realized during the last visit that I have a gauge on the pattern there now, which makes it easier to manuvuer. Mom in law noticed it too and commented on it. I can't say its home yet, but it is certianly not a brave new world.

Well, there is still laundry to do and packing - but I think I'll keep browsing and goofing around. At least until my coffee is done brewing.

Merry Advent to you all.

What's Playing: Dish washer, coffee maker, and elvis costello
Book: One Palestine, Complete (Segev)
Film/TV: Upstairs Downstairs - last season! last disc! Now what am I going to watch?!
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