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So, I think our fundimental mistake - heroic flaw even - is that we have way too many electronic gadgets in our house and not enough organization. I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a 9 volt plug for one of the 3 sets of speakers that we have in the house. And I've failed. I can't even find a substitute though I found a number of 9 volt plugs. I've always said that our house is the elephant graveyard for computer bits. But this is crazy. I think 1/3 of our crap is a wire of some kind. Monitor cords, power plugs, usb connection cords, phone cords, etc. If we were in a comic, the bad guy would be able to carry out his devious plan because we would not be able to find the right cable.


Busy working on updating my website this morning. At least kludging something together for now. If its not too bad, I'd like to figure out a better way of setting it up with actual technology instead of hard coding html. I'm not even doing that, I'm working in an old friend - Mozilla's Composer. This is the engine that got me started in understanding html and led me to style sheets. It's changed in good ways since I last say it. Obviously a lot of people were annoyed with it to fix it so. Yay fustration.

Not much planned for the weekend. Had a bit of a heart to heart at work this week. Though I'm honored to be the most expensive employee to keep, I'm not interested in running the company into the ground. I'm actually kind of relieved. I guess I was feeling guilty about that on some level. Now I'm going to become salaried and reduce my hours a bit during the week (or have heavy weeks and light weeks, not sure) until we have more information on ACME Itnl. as guru called it. That is a whole 'nother ball of wax. The phone interview generated a couple of tasks for me this weekend - the coolest being we are going on a road trip in feb. After that visit all of us - work, guru, and acme - will have a much better idea of our place in the grand sceme of things.

At least, that is what we hope.

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