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integrity and not so much
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Amused and Saddened

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So in some ways I'm excited that McCain will probably be apart of the oxymoron that is evaluating intellegence in our country.

The point is to "appoint "highly qualified individuals with integrity who have a lot of experience" and would do a thorough job in a timely manner."

That pretty much sums up mccain. The article did also say it might be a move to silence critics, which would also describe mccain. So...

In other news, the important thing about accusing potential johns of rape is to take away their digital phone camera:

During the investigation, one of the players turned over to police his cellular telephone, which was equipped with a digital camera. Police recovered images from the camera that depicted portions of the hotel encounter.

Apparently it was emotional violation, since she felt bad when they didn't pay her the money they promised her.



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