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Ack Ack Ack

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So next week we are going off to denver to size up acme intl and probably be sized up. We've been exchanging email, filling out forms, and generally planning into the theoretical for the last couple months with these folks and now we are off to meet face to face to get a better read.

With that being said, I'm not really sure what to do with myself in denver. It's too early to look for a job, but that means I might have time off when guru is going over computer type things with them. Usually I would say "yay time alone while traveling!" but that in itself might be left open to interpretation. My personal bugg-a-bear from kindergarden "Does Not Use Time Wisely" may come back to haunt me.

And we are now in the extremely long waiting-to-go time (read:a couple of days) when its too early to pack but too late to do anything else. I'm really not at my best at times like these. I lose my common sense. I've already asked a friend to reenforce buttons on the coat that I want to travel in. Hope she can finish by monday. :/ On the other hand, I'm studiously ignoring my portfolio sitting next to me, even though I will be showing my work at acme in a few days. :/

Ack Ack Ack.

The hardest part about this trip is it is likely to generate more uncertiancies then answers. Essentially we are approaching the center of the crossroads. Either more of the same or something radically different, you choose. I'm probably making more of this then is necessary, but for many months I've been waiting for something. I hope this has something to do with it. Now I'm just swinging back and forth - feeling full of brava and confidence, then picking myself a part in quick fashion, full of insecurity. I think the plan is to expereince this as bad as possible first so it can only be a good experience when it actually happens. Smart, no? ;)

Anyway, while we've been going through a few evaluations with acme, we found out they like to use something calld DISC.(Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) So far, I'm fonder of the Myers-Briggs, but the full version of this evaluation may be more informative. A very limited online quiz is available for free. I came up equal on most of the four options, but will minor leanings to Chart the Course.

Well anyway back to worrying about appearances and first impressions. Wish us luck!

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