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cat and frog are friends
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numb on one side

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While on my way over to the dentist, it seemed to me that traffic was slow and wierd. Apparently it wasn't just where I was driving, but the whole area is suffering from bad driving due to rain.

The good news is this dentist rocks. I was in and out of the office in 30 minutes with a new filling. It just highlights more and more how I was taken for a ride by the last dentist I saw. :P~ Hate for the man. I'm de-numbing at the moment, though I've had a few soft things to eat. I would definately recommend these ladies, if you are on my side of the river and/or bridge. Conservative amounts of dental work is their watch words.

Once home, I checked our mail and noticed that the one musical I've always wanted to see on stage will be playing this year!

CLO is presenting not only Hello Dolly, but also 1776! I'm like so there! </musical geek> I pinged my folks to see if they wanted to come up for it too.

While I was browsing around, I came across a great gift for the newest uwee. The Uwee will be traveling back tomorrow from their 2nd trip to Russia. Congrats!

I also found this really great animal photographer:

Cat and Frog are friends.
(courtesy of oldyellersrevenge.com)

What's Playing: Something going *tink* in the basement.
Books: Diplomatic Immunity (Bujold)
Film/TV:Brigadoon! (live)
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