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I was walking through the big bird store a few minutes ago and realized someone thought playing the darkness over the intercom was great shopping music. I will say, the only reason I knew it was the darkness is because friend at work has picked them up as something to listen to. Gothic minimarts...

I've been chasing rabbits for the last few hours. Can't seem to finish one thought without it being superseded by something else. Ack. So I went out for coffee...to find the coffee shop closed for renovations.

Pothos' bowl cracked with the temp. change, so I found it seaping from a huge crack this morning. I ended up throwing it away, it was unusable. I tell ya, its the end of an era by throwing that bowl away. He was (and still is) on sickwatch after he picked up some kind of infection. I knew he was not well, but I didn't get to him before he had shredded his tail. It looks very dramatic, gothic even.

I heard that one of our longtime parishners passed away on sunday. Very sudden but not overly surprising. The memorial is tomorrow. We plan to go. I'm having a hard time believing she won't be there sunday morning, but I'm always like that with this sort of thing. I don't notice its bothering me until I have an absolutely rotten day like today, and realize this probably has something to do with it.

I feel like I can't get any closure on anything. I feel like I'm working and working and getting no where. But then I have to take a step back and remind myself that I'm actually doing a ton of stuff pro bono, so I am working and working but for a good reason, even if I'm not getting paid for it. But the time still drags on me, and I can't seem to make it go fast enough even though I'm always busy. It's awful.

I've been watching a spider in our bathroom for the last couple days. It has moved only about 2 feet, but I have no urge to kill it. I just find myself watching it. Waiting it out to see what really is the worse thing a spider in the batheroom can do. It's like some morbid fasination with watching things draw to their natural conclusion. Seems to be the theme this week.

It was a busy week. I played in the viola effect on sunday. It was an original piece for 3 solo violas and three sections of violas to complete the emsemble. It was all modern with cords and syncopated rhythms. I didn't really like or dislike it when we were playing it, but this morning I found myself humming it when I was getting ready. I think it was a lot like watching the Ring. It just keeps coming back to you at odd times.

Last night we went to a pirates game with our god sons and fam. I. really enjoyed it, which was different from the last baseball game we took him to, 6 years ago. We got excellent seats and I got to hang out with my main man N. who is just coming on 2 years. He was having a great time stuffing napkins down his chair. I helped. ;) We didn't really get rained on until the walk to the car. It was really a great evening for the game, even if the pirates lost.

So I'm here. I assume I will be here tomorrow. I hope for a better tomorrow, since I can't effect today. I'm off for some ice cream and cheesy sci-fi.

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