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Now, if any of yinz have been driving down some of these roads as of late, you will see some trees that need cut. Usually the city comes along and cuts a big dent in the center of the tree, leaving a "v" shaped tree. I've always felt it was ugly and more of a bandaid then a solution. (have we tried not planting the trees underneath the power lines yet? No? Ok, just checking)

Now these guys were out of line, but I know I've had the urge to take an ax to some of these trees. What do the police have to say about it:

“Christmastime, it happens on occasion,” [police Chief Gary Anderson] said. “If you have a good-looking spruce tree, suddenly it’s in someone’s living room.”

Awsome. Now I know where to go get my christmas tree.

I also found this article, explaining why taxes are so high here in the burgh. Well, probably not really, but you got to wonder sometimes....

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