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Took a bit of hiatas there, as I started getting back to LIP (life in pgh). I'm running into that reality where I like and hate what I'm doing most of the time. I'm sick to death of nothing at all. Restless. But not down and out. Actually that is not true. I'm finding myself drained by the usual stuff. Tired. I'm annoyed. But tomorrow is a bit of an errand day, so a chance to break routine. I get to get my viola back from the shop. She will be all glued up and with a new bridge and a new angle on the neck. I'm so excited to try it out. :) Wish I had some music. I'm just relieved that this guy was as good as I was told. *phew* Don't know if I could do the move and replace the viola in the same month. :/

I've been listening to Into The Woods almost non-stop at work for the last week and half. Especially the witch's finalle. It's such a cleverly written piece. Though the arrangement of the whole musical shows its age (young and Modern), there are some really clever combinations of lyrics, rythmns, and harmony. Of course, as I write this I can hear the almost painful violin/viola part to the witch's intro. *shudder* I hope, I really hope, I can stay involved with musical theater out in den. I'm cutting corners all over the place, but I hope this is one area I don't have to give up.

We are hopefully going to be exchanging a lease with somebody out in den at the end of this week. I'm at the point that I really don't care who. :) It's all going to be beige. I'm just wrangling for a fireplace at this point. I'm also mildly surprised that all the places we are looking at have pools. I mean, pools! Who ever thought I'd live someplace where I could swim every day! It's that california influence coming over the mountians I guess.

Anyway, not much going on. Well except everything.

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