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land of the concrete mushrooms.
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Somebody (ehem!) asked me to talk about the new place, and though I will have much more information in about 30 days, I can say a little bit about where we are going.

We are going to be living in Anglo-corpse (englewood) in CO. The rental place looked nice online, but they always do. My impression is a large beige box with some crazy concrete mushrooms in the park behind the complex. Yes, I will take pictures of my crazy mushrooms as soon as we are there. :) Apparently these seemed like good uses of concrete in 1973 when the place was built. Ah, silly silly hippy landscape architects.

Anyway, the place is aprx. 3 miles from Acme, and fairly central between downtown and the south suburbs. I've been looking at jobs in both areas, so hopefully my commmute won't be too bad. I've sent out a few resumes and hope to keep looking for quark jobs while we are moving. I had to spend time making a letterhead and pretty resme though, since my layout will be judged as much as what my resume contains. It's like a copywriter is probably judged on the grammar and punctuation of his or her cover letter. (I'd be in trouble)

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