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Waking Up

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I'm starting to believe that it is Fall out here, not some perpetual summer, each day baking up to a sunny 72 and breezy. It rained last night and is still dripping this morning. The tree out front gave up it's last leaf yesterday,the pumkins have arrived around town. All Praise the Great Pumkin.

Interview thing went fine yesterday. I think I nailed it, now I just have to decide if I'm the right person for them. It's not exactly my "dream" job, but I could definately do it. It's similar to what I was doing over the last year. They are interviewing more candidates, with hopes to call back by the end of the week. I'd give you a website, but again, no web presence.

No other bits or leads at this point. Guess I should see if I can do some follow up today, give people a call, send a card, I don't know, stake out the office. :)

But first coffee.

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