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So, it's been a busy weekend again. Thursday we visited with friends who live in our complex. They had most of they under-30-somethings over for dinner and pumpkin carving. I didn't carve. Not sure why. Wasn't awake enough to play with the knives I think. Guru brought home all the seeds, which he spent the weekend baking. There were a lot of seeds (8 jack-o-lanterns)

Friday, I went on a ladies only visit to the Evergreen House, a cute little cabin up on the mountain, outside of the town of Evergreen, owned by OMF. (pics to follow) Me and 4 others spent the evening, burning logs and watching pride and prejudice. I thought it was a decient rendition, so if you are into 5+ hours of BBC drama, have I got a deal for you. :) I am already pretty relaxed, but it was a good thing to get to know my fellow pilgrams a bit better. Like who snores.

After much hilarity, we walked around the ridge, ate breakfast, played a few hands of Nerts, (a game I learned from my godson) cleaned up the cabin, and went in search of more nature. Walked along a trail called "Lair O' The Bear", which is a great flat trail following a creek. Given, it was a bit crowded, between the bikers, the dog-walkers, and the sitters. It was about as many people as I would expect to see at a mall on a Sat. afternoon. This explains why Denver is empty during the weekend. Everyone is up the hill.

This week we revisited the episcopal church we went to ash wednesday service for in Feb. It was kind of bland after the yelling of Jub or the mantra-like music of Commune. Maybe that is an ok thing. Paul's Tesm friend was very appreciative of us when we greeted him at the end of the serivce. I think we are going to try and follow up with a meal at some point.

At about 4 pm Sunday I decided I wanted wood for a fire. I went out for firewood. I came back with a roomba. I earned it's loyalty when I pulled a small toy squid from it's brushes. This is probably why it was returned to the store used. (got it at a discount) Guru thought it need some Fremen from Dune hanging onto the back, as it whirred, bumped, and sped across our living room. Pretty Cool. And it vaccums about as well as I do ever.

I also picked up a couple of poster frames, so we can hang up some of these great old pictures we have. Still need to get more wall-hanging things before that happens. All this means, I'm that much closer to sharing photos of our place. Honest.

The last bit of info I have is that I got a call back for a 2nd interview today. We are going to decide whether this is the right job for me to being doing right now probably by the end of the week. More later.

Anyway, just finished my absentee ballad. Let's hope it counts.

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