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I just gave a counter offer to the mom-n-pop company. I was shaking abit as I refreshed my email to see the new offer letter. You might ask why I'm so shaking after I've commited myself to an action. I will tell you, I have no idea. I think the job itself will be a lot of work, but work I can handle. Thus why the counter offer. I tried to keep my offer reasonable, mainly to cover my expense more effectively and maybe *gasp* save something. More likely pay off debt, but so it goes. I think I've probably got the position barring acts of God. (which, in our line of business, is a possibility.) :)

Anyway, not much going on here today. Very Very windy! We have one window that rattles and I can hear the wind whisling down the flew. Trees are shaking their limbs. The leaves are whipping around. It is Fall with a vengence. If I can get some candy, I will probably hand out stuff for halloween. Should have a lot of kids here at the complex.

This is such a bad idea.

Dead beat dads really shouldn't do charity if they want to keep their money. To be fair, this guy did turn himself in, but only after there were acusations that he had been paid for his kidney.

NaNOWriMo is coming up again, and though I won't be directly participating, I have been working on something that I will probably make available at the start of nov. Depends how far I get into it.

As I watched Hidalgo last night, all I could think was an old friend probably loved this movie. Even if it isn't a true story, I thought it was a pretty good check-your-brain-at-the-door kind of movie.

We also watched They Were Expendable. It was a good old John Wayne flick. We got it since it involved PT Boats, which if you know guru, you know his grandpa was on one of those and is an avid traveler to pt boat conventions. It also starred Donna Reed. She was swell. John Wayne was swell. The boat and boatcrew were swell. The coast guard, navy and army were also swell for helping with the film. Apparently in 1950, everything was Swell. Fear the Swell.

Well of to dig our some receipts before Dr. phil comes on. [Ok Ok I admit it! I like watching dr.p in the afternoons!]

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