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So today we were all churchy. We are getting to February, which I have chosen as arbitrary "stop bouncing around to churches" month. (I do lots of arbitrary things.) So, starting next week we are going to try to visit a church for 4 consecutive weeks so we get a better idea of what they are all about. I've asked guru to narrow down our list to just churches we have already visited and made the short list, or churches that we haven't visited but would like to. I just figured its not healthy for us to continue to worship with strangers. Must start getting to know people.

So this morning we visited jubilee again, which was the first church we went to once we had moved here. It's more charismatic than we normal run. They usually have very good messages that are applied living, biblically based talks with a good dose of personal experience thrown in. They are doing some really exciting application there. The also have guitars and drums.

Tonight we visited scum of the earth, which was a lot like a genX church we visited with friends when we were first visiting here last february. Lots of young folks. There is absolutely no pressure to join in with anything, so there are a lot of spectators. Worship team was very talented, though I think they could have picked up the pace without destroying the mood. I figure that if you have a guitar, use it.

I'll try to update as we explore. What I really need to think about is how important is liturgy and sacrements to me. Cause we aren't really looking at churches that have that regularly.

Also Silly Silly Germanz. :(

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