the methods and means of procrastination

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Ants all over our kitchen floor. The bodies of our enemies speckle the floor, the occasional antennae twitching

Oh they are small, but devious.


So yeah, Antz. Apparently its spring in denver. My landlady assures me the altitude is too high for roaches, (thankfully) but ants make it -- no problem. Ten minutes after guru left for a book spree, I'm on the phone asking him to pick up ant posion. I've been avoiding the kitchen all night, except for quick sprints in to spray the herd with windex. Apparently I now have squeeky clean invaders.

So when did nbc turn into law and order channel? I just sat through 3 HOURS of the same show. Wth? I mean, I like law and order, but um its just not that good anymore. Guess CSI and 24 is giving it a run for its money.

So I survived the tradeshow, but it took a couple of days to get back on my feet. Didn't get down to the gym until this morning. We'll see how I do on this 6 week challenge thing. (insert leery look here)

Also, I'm pleased to say that there is a new weekend artist at sluggy (though I'm not following the whole pirate thing at all) who i've started reading fairly regularly. Sorry joe sunday, your comic was just not doing it for me. I found this comic deposit from the rae site and spent a good part of the morning reading through something a little fuzzy, but well drawn. (Inverloch) I guess I hadn't found out yet that there is a whole *other* layer of web comics out there. First there were those that are in newspapers (doonsbury, dilbert) or want to be in newspapers. (sinfest, pvp) Then there are the ones that are more indie. (s*p,suggy) And there is also the influence of japanese comics.(mt) I'd call these others almost a blend of all of these. (pa,rae) Art evolving in front of our eyes. Neat.

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