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So on that note I thought I'd mention my queue.

I've recently finished

1984 ****+
Angel Seeker ***++
Monstrous Regiment ***++

All of which I found just by walking in and grabbing them of the shelf, i.e. fore-mentioned skulking. I also accidently renewed them through October 22nd, because of a badly labeled button on their website. (renew/review, whose to say?)

I still like 1984, though it dragged a little bit more than I remember it this time through. I always want him to get the bullet in the end, but the end never changes no matter how often I read it. I think I like the cohesiveness of this book. I hadn't noticed how complete his world the first time through. Is there anything else out there worth reading along these lines? (Brave New World Does Not Count)

On lighter notes, this particular Shinn book was better than the others. The story and characters were more interesting since she was writing about an event that was outside her usually narrow scope of "Earth Shaking Events". She could just dodge in and out of these big swaths of history and get on with the story. Better than say, her last 5 books?

Monster Regiment is the 28th book from Terry Pratchett (can you say prolific?) It was your standard fair. I was happy to get notified though that another vimes book is coming out (ISBN: 0060815221; Imprint: HarperCollins; On Sale: 09/13/2005) right soon.

Dead End Moon, Kevin Max

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