the methods and means of procrastination

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First off, congratulations to yaga and decalcomania! Big things in the works for both of them.

but back to me...

I'm feeling:

Boy, when I get the blues, I get'me hard. Hard enough, that I don't even realize it until I find myself at the bottom of a hole, looking up at a small circle of sky. I always thought I was lucky not to get really bouts of depression. Now I realize I get them, I just don't have the english to communicate them. I'm better now, but only because I had a good discussion with myself in the car to find out what was bothering me. Once I understand why I feel they way I feel, I cope with it better. I blame it on being and introverted feeler.

One of the possible side effects of being depressed, is I get obsessed at work. I've had a very busy, full week at work and it has really helped me focus on things other than myself. I found a nice little trick for getting over writers/designer's block.

Ask the question: "If you weren't wrapped up about people's opinions, what would you draw?"
Answer that question, and the critique/criticism becomes extra. Like a comments field. Not the project itself. I now have a nice brochure that I will probably put in the portfolio because it was so cathartic to make. I talked poor guru's ear off on Thursday because I was so wrapped up with this thing. This is why I make.

Another possible side effect is apathy. I'm apathetic about structure, order, rules, diets, schedules, and responsibility. I just don't care this week. It's effect what time I get into work, but the trade off is that I'm also obsessed with work right now, so I'm working later. So I actually came out a head this week even if I was an hour late to work each day. but since I don't care...
I mean I do care. Or rather, I'm actively working against being responsble right now. It snapped last saturday. I cooked for 4 hours straight with the start of a cold coming on. [I did all that cooking in long sleeves. Which means I wasn't feeling well] I kind of burned out on food. Now I have no urge to even eat any of the dinners I made that day. They just remind me of the work I did to get them ready. It's like eating a tupperware full of effort. In a perfect world someone would cook for me. *sigh*

Better.(Getting there anyway.)
Talking, even to yourself, is the first step to underestanding. As I said I talked out the problem so I'm able to start coping with it.

All of you should go out and do something that pleases you.

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