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Merry Yule Tide New Year Doom Batz!
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I hope you all have been good so far this year. ;) We had a quiet New Years, though we did have a few people stop by on their way to the fireworks downtown. There is a benefit of being the folks furthest north of the office. Next year I think we will look into going, especially if we have more 50 degree weather. It's beautiful out there. A nice break from what the weather got up to last year. I made way too much food, so we will be eating audourves for probably the next week or so. My mom's cheese squares went over well with the people who came by. We also watched Guru's christmas gift, Godzilla Final Wars and drank champagne. It is a fine example of every godzilla movie you have ever seen, smashed up into one file. It even has a dog.:)

I bought but didn't play Apples to Apples. I've heard good things about it, and I think I will bring it along the next time we go to a game night. You could say that this was my christmas present.

I spent a lot of money yesterday. I made it to the very last day of the year, and just blew by anything that would be a budget. Given, a portion of it was christmas shopping for my family, who we will see in a few weeks. But part of it also was purchasing new glasses, and then sunglasses, with all the bells and whisles. Yikes! Glasses have become expensive since I last had my eyes checked.

Today I'm not sure what we are doing. I think guru is going to park in front of the tv and watch bowl games. I might get started on the second front panel of my fluffy sweather I'm making. Definately hope to clean up my desk area, which has turned into a pile of fluffy paper.

I'm not big on resolutions, but I did thought this list would be good:

- I followed through by purging my files yesterday for old docments. I emptied a file box worth of crap.
- I joined Curves and stuck it out until Thanksgiving.
- I understand the printer at work better and can now run the office solo most days.
- I've gotten the car in for regular oil changes and such, thus the car is still working.
- I've set up a budget and have stuck with it up until yesterday.
- I've cooked as many different dishes as I have this year.
- I've found knitting as an outlet.

I'm happy about a lot more and want to fix other things, but I think this is the best foot to start off the new year with.

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