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steelers go! go! go!
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Whe-hu~! Go Stillers! *thump*

This was guru's reaction after Sunday's game. He's now been in a sick-bundle for 2 days, struggling to get over a head cold. Too much wandering around in the balmy colorado weather I guess. I'm chompin' vitiman C in an attempt to avoid said cold, or at least stave it off until sat. I want to complete at least one week at work without interuption.

We are officially in free fall at work. Now we will see if it really can be run by a 2 man (or 1man 1cat) operation. I actually think that March will be a better month to confirm this since I started February work about a week behind schedule. Ah... I miss th's organizational skills. *sigh* Anyway one newsletter and calender card down, one rockies card, and home helps for february card to go.

I think the game will be a great match up. I think both teams are equally good/dramatic and I keep hopin' the seahawks only won because they had hometown advantage. I think the superbowl is actually not as exciting as it's hype because only two teams actually go. If the steelers weren't in it, I'd probably check out. Steeler parties are much more fun than superbowl parties. Or in our case, hanging out with a bunch of bronco's fans from ACME last sunday, cheering obnoxiously. :)

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