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I'm going to try to go to work today. For most of you, that isn't a big deal. The last time I was in the office was Friday.I'm about 88% well right now. Basically it's all over but the coughing. I keep sending emails to my boss but get no reply. I half expect to arrive to day to a scene of carnage and destruction, with the whole family wrapped up in blankets with Kleenex festooned around them. (As I have been for the last 7 days) We shall see.

On the hearing front I finally got all the paliminary apts done Tuesday and have a better Idea what is NOT wrong with my ears:

1. No Ear Nerve Alienlike monsters. (Aural nerve is health and fine)
2. My Ears Will Not Implode. (inner ear pressure is normal)
3. I've got a Detachable Jaw. (This is probably our winner)

The PTherapist did effect the ringing in my left ear (though nothing for the right) so we're going to give that a shot for 6 weeks to see if it effects it at all. It's a very odd, new-agey kind of feeling to have A Trained Professional(TM) massaging your head, but what ever works. It's the only treatable option at the moment.

Anyway, off to work.

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