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birthday weekend
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In case you missed it, you are welcome to continue celebrating my birthday for the rest of the month if you like. :) i had a good birthday weekend, even if my birthday property was way too stressed out. Work is just stressing this week. Here's to hoping next week we will get on top of the ball instead of under it.

Had a mediocre dinner and some great dessert at the cheesecake factory. I assume with these chain resturants you just have to know what to order. Guru noticed after awhile that their decor was very similar to the Great Eye of Sauron in the most disturbing way. Then we came home and I had a nightmare that I had a little sister. (too much garlic)

This weekend we went up to the Acme cabin friday evening til this morning. I spent most of the time with my nose in a book by p. gregory. Only had a run in with a few animals, mostly curious neighborhood dogs come to find out what all the fuss was about. I'd like to say it was nice and relaxing. It probably was if I hadn't started the weekend off being ratcheted up to +12 on the anxiety scale. Did I mention work has been stressful? Eventually I wound down, but not soon enough and not for long. I think I might need a real vacation.

We packed up early to get off the mountian before the blizzard of 2006 shows up sometime tonight. i've been doing small silly cleaning tasks since we got back. A small, silly part of me always feel I'm letting down my dutch ancestry by having such a sty of a house. As I said, it is a silly part. So I've scrubbed the kitchen down and vaccumed the front room, I still might make it to the bathroom if my momentum doesn't give in first.

I've been not blogging and only lurking on aim for a few weeks now. This is due to my new obsession. I've been spending WAY too much time practicing my Knights stratiegies over at aso brain games. So much so, I'm considering splurging on a preimum membership and support them. It's a very well written java app. Nicely done.

One of the things I got myself for my birthday was a Titanium Flat Back Labret for my upper ear cartulage piercing -- unfortunately too big. I chose this to find something that I wouldn't have an allergic reaction to as well as something that wouldn't catch in my hair so I could wear it continualy. Well I'll have to get a smaller one at some point, but after doing all the research to find the right earring, I'm getting the hankering for another. It makes me want to get my nose pierced or possibly an eyebrow, something like that. I said I would never do the nose thing -- it's very hard if you have a cold -- but now I'm waivering. I'll have to think on this more.

Taxes, bills and plane tickets stare me in the face but I think I will run away and do something else for awhile. Thank you to all the little emails and cards. It really did mean a lot to me to have so many people send a little "hey" last week.

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