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so this trip I've been more freaky than usual. Apparently it's ok for me to travel across the country at the drop of a hat but guru traveling disrupts the cosmic order of things.

So yesterday was an extremely long day, which started at 3:30am to get guru to the airport. Went right into work at 5:30 (morning Troy!) and worked til 4pm. Scarily enough this enabled me to get my 40 hours in. I HAVE to start getting to work on time. Anyway, I was suppose to game last night, but when I was too tired to figure out how to wrap up my car-sun shade, I conceded that I should just stay home instead. [That's a good sobriety test. If you can't figure this out, you are too drunk/tired/wiped to drive.] Watched some tv and bewailed the fact that there was no food in the house. Finally gave up around 10pm went to bed. At about 12 I realized that what I had taken for footsteps from our neighbors upstairs was actually some poor sod who was banging on a door somewhere close by. I guess this means i don't pass some kind of morality test. I do not go out and help the dude locked out of his apartment. I also don't take my neighbor's trash down to the bin even though I'm taking mine. I also don't give nice old ladies rides back to their apartment complex when it's 87 degrees or higher out. But i think about it - usually about 5 minutes too late. These are what we call good intentions.

Anyway, way, spent the morning with a shopping trip to kohl's and petsmart. Petted some really cute puppies that the local shelter had out there. Not sure how big they get, but I thought the irish setter was pretty good looking. I was also quite happy because I found a $2 alternative to the $25 feeder I was looking at. Rock on. I hope to test it on barbarosa later on this week. The look kind of like flinstone vitamins.

Now I've done my toes and I'm trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. I've got a stack of books and movies and I'm feeling pretty Not Social [as opposed to Anti Social, a step up..] that i might just fade into the evening with some of them. In someways these are the things that go though my head when the stanley cup is on, or if I get dinner duty. When asking myself, what do you want to do today, i didn't know but it was ok.

I now toy with the idea of going to early Early service tomorrow and see if i can find a rite I in my flaky church and maybe sorting and trashing the 6 different office boxes scattered around the house. I think guru and i would make the poor folks on clean sweep cry since the bulk of our stuff is invested in books. I also have toyed with the idea of printing out a google earth map of all the different apartment places we are looking and do some drive-by's over the next week. Though Lakewood is Really Out Of the Way, i was warming up to it. Apparently I can rent Molly Brown's Summer House if the sign in front of it is correct.

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