the methods and means of procrastination

the hills are alive with the sound of kavetching.
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I'm seeing a definate migration to blogger. It seems to be my non-meme (ie.folks with lives) people who go over there, though I'm not sure why. I feel I should reactivate my little profile there but I really don't like the writing space. Or something. Journalscape has always been the easiest way for me. I will probably be in a lot of trouble if this site ever goes inactive.

Well tonight is the second rehersal for sound of music. I have not had any time to practice. The cellos will probablly drown me out anyway. (8 of them, at last count) Guru is happily driving to work now in his new zilla-mobile ( big green chevy with a large tail) all we need is it to breath fire. :)

It's also coming to the time where I need to decide if I really want to move or if I've just been blowing smoke. There are alot of pros to moving, but now that we have the truck we are as close as I would be able to get to acme for guru's commute, and my commute wouldn't be getting any better if we move. FYI - I hate every single driver in the DTC area. All. No one can drive there. I keep thinking of moving to one side of it or the other so I don't have to go near it by car. Anyway, lots of little plusses, lots of big pains if we move. I think the final out come would be a wash. But the pull of a working dishwasher is mighty strong.

We are slowly creeping up on the back log at work. The machine has been working for about 2 weeks now, which usually means it is due for a break down.. :P I'm still trying to get my bearings after being out of town for the weekend. I keep getting peeved when something is taken off my plate, but really, it's a good thing. I keep having to remember that the long term goal is to be design heavy and production light. What's happening now is that production and work design stuff gets put to the back burner so I can work on client design stuff -- stuff incidently that I don't make additional money for. So I need to carve out design time at home so I can start bringing in designs no matter what is going on during the acutal work day. In my head I have a schedule of stuff I would do in the mornings from 6-8 each day. I just haven't gotten motivated to do it yet. Plans within Plans within Plans. If only thinking about something made it so.

I'm tempted to try one of the alternative services at the community church that I'm doing the musical with. I'm more involved with there church than I am with my own. E-Frees aren't impossible. And I could sign their little statement of faith. It's just that mine is a little longer. I just don't see the need for catholic-aversion that this group sometimes get. (speaking as the person who is designing their communication material) Like it is an impropriety to give the impression that there might be a possibiity that we share any connection with the catholic faith. (No crucifix or icon hanging here.) I just find it highly amusing since my view of "church tradition" starts some where in the first century - not the 1950's.

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