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Capitol Steps
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What a treat! Because I woke up early due to the furnace pilot going out and needing to be relit, I discovered an almost complete performance of the Capitol Steps on TV at 6 AM.

The performance had been in Hammond, about 40 miles or so from here and its date was October 6, 2005.

Naturally, there was a lot of satire regarding Katrina--including one of the "president" talking about the states affected: Mississippi, Louisiana, and New Orleans. They also had some goodies about Michael Brown, such as Brown doing just as well as the Three Stooges. A crack about FEMA brought huge applause.

Then there was a bit between Bush and Rummy in which Rummy suggested that Iraq would be forgotten if we just invaded Iran.

Continuing in that theme, the prez was told there were WMD in the state of North Mexico--at a place called Los Alamos. As the "prez" was trying to locate that "Rummy" made a side comment that "the wheel is turning but the hamster's dead."

Other commentary: the economy is growing--just look at the National Debt.

The Capitol Steps have been around for quite a while, but I haven't run across any of their stuff for several years.

I'm glad to see they are still going strong.

And it's nice to start the day with a few good laughs.

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