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Porch Repairs
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My porch has been fixed up and the supports strengthened. It sort of got knocked a bit askew back during phase one of the tree stuff (long story), and the tree guy said he'd fix it. So today a couple of his men were out adding lag bolts and the extra external support. And they also replaced all the screening, because when the porch twisted a bit it put some tears in the screen (which was probably ten years old.)

Once they'd gotten here and I'd shown them where key stuff was I took off for WalMart. By the time I left it was about 9:30 and the crowd at the post office was slowing traffic on the highway, as usual. I got food pretty well re-stocked, including beast food. I passed by the post office a bit after 11 on the way home, and the traffic was slower than earlier.

The good news is that the main branch of the post office has reopened, and that should help trraffic matters a bit.

The St. Tammany Parish population has increased by at least 50,000 since Katrina. The areas along Lake Pontchartrain and the bayous going to the lake flooded, but the waters quickly receded, unlike in New Orleans. And we didn't have the problems of weakened levees being broken by the Rita storm surge. So, much of the population has returned, augmented by refugees from New Orleans and thousands and thousands of construction people. My tree guy is from Cincinnati and managed to find a 5 bedroom house to rent for him and his crew. (When they first got here they were tent camping in Mississipi.) And there are many, many others. Thank Goodness!

Most of these people fly home relatively frequently. (On the first leg of my trip to Kenya my seatmate was a guy who worked on cell towers.) The money they make more than covers regular flights home. In fact, outside workers supplied the majority of the passengers flying in and out of New Orleans for a while.

Other than my "outing" to WalMart, my day was dull. I read a bit and watched TV a bit, and did both for a longer bit. CNN had live coverage of a car chase in Houston that went on for more than two hours. Shades of OJ. The car kept looping around the interstate exits but finally ran into another car.

But my porch is fixed.

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