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New Month Tomorrow
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It's a new month tomorrow, and I have to remember to change the calendar page and see what I have already written in for February. I think there's at least one appointment, and there should be a note to call the orthopedist to get an appointment for March.


Congrats to YD on getting top score in the sergeant's exam! I can't help but mention that she got top score at the Academy about six years ago. Consistency is good--especially with things like that.

This was New Orleans day, and I actually saw bunches of workers in some of the muddy subdivisions that line I-10 on the eastern side of New Orleans. There were also a lot more cars in the parking lot of the Home Depot, which is about the only store open in that area. I think there are three auto dealers in that area who have nice fresh stock and are open.

I am boycotting the State of the Union whatever (I can't think of a good word for it) tonight. Every time the Shtrub opens his mouth he embarasses me (and the country) with his inanities. Last year I was given a "Bushism of the Day" calendar. It's really pitiful. And what's more pitiful is that so many people think he is actually saying something meaningful.

Note: I make State of the Union night a no network TV night no matter what I think of the person in office. I also make sure that I avoid the stuff afterwards--where the network talking heads "analyze" what was said, and then the talking heads for the minority party rehash the whole thing. Come on people--take a bit of time to go over the speech--don't shoot off your important-sounding mouths without thinking carefully. What's the saying--do not engage mouth until brain is in gear?

I shall most likely read the speech in the paper tomorrow. But not the analyses of it.

Tomorrow we should all be looking for a groundhog den so we can see if the groundhog comes out the next day. And gives a weather forecast with the same chance of being right as most long-range forecasts.

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