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No title suggests another IUD. And you're right.

Let's see--I went to WalMart fairly early this morning. The urgent item was doggie hamburger. I got other stuff too, of course. And I filled up my gas tank. Hoo whee!

I'd called in some prescription renewals to Walgreen's to be ready at 1430, so I went for a late lunch at Arby's and got about two more chapters read in my latest book. Assembling California isn't just about California. John McPhee writes about the geology of California, starting with the gold areas. He ranges far and wide in his tales of how California got the way it is and the chapters I read today are all about the island of Cyprus and Greece. Now we're back in California.

Bad Cat seems to have figured out that she gets short-changed on food if she plays too coy in the afternoon. She flew out the door when I left in the morning and was ready to come back in when I got home from that. She made no effort to fly out again when I left for lunch. I looked out the window and was in stalking position, but for the life of me I couldn't see what she might be stalking. No birds or squirrels in sight--maybe it was the waving grass?

It's been warming up here, as it usually does. In the winter weather seems to go in five or six day cycles--a cold front comes in with rain, the next few days are brilliantly clear, albeit cold. The warming starts almost immediately and then we have clouds, rain, and another cold front.

My deepest sympathies with those who got caught by the nor'easter. I think it was 1947 that we had a Big Snow in the NJ/NY area. We had more than two feet at our house, and it got really funny the next day. My father had shovelled the walks around the house. The cat went out and decided to jump over the piles of shoveled stuff. Up and over he went--into the two feet of snow. Only the tip of his tail showed. I think that must have been the time a couple of the other kids in the neighborhood and I decided to try to build an igloo. I do remember that when the snow began melting and running down the hilly streets that we had paper boats floating down the road--and into the storm drains if we weren't fast enough to grab them. I was about 11 at the time.

I think it's several years since we had even a flurry here. Thank goodness.

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