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Toneless Glutes
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I went to the chiropractor this morning for my every three months tune-up--especially for the sciatica. I've known him since he was 16.

The last time I saw him was just before I took off for Aftica, so I brought him up to date on why I was using a cane, and a reminder that I had three weeks to go on the 90 degree rule. He did careful adjustments, then commented that my glutes had lost tone since the last time I was there. Was I not swimming? Well, of course not--my pool is broken, but more to the point, the pool in New Orleans where I've done winter swimming took a hit via roof damage. I should probably check to see if that is fixed yet, but I'm sure it's a low priority for the university.

Back to the glutes--the good part was that he gave me a couple of good exercises that will tone them up AND be good for the sciatica without messing with the hip.

After I finished with him I headed back to Slidell, but not before stopping for a $21 "pit stop." At Barnes and Noble. You see, I'd forgotten to bring a book with me, and how could I go to Arby's for lunch without a book?

This evening I am dining at a pretty nice restaurant in Slidell, courtesy of my financial manager. It's a program about Katrina and taxes etc., but it's a free meal and something different to do. And it is Other People's Cooking.

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