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Well, it looks like Rhubarb's nemesis has decided to mess with me. So far, I'm only "stupid." I'm not so stupid that I can't hit the delete button on comments. And, if pest keeps it up, I shall probably tell hotmail about her habits. I'm sure things like flaming are somewhere in the agreement that no one reads before agreeing to it.

But--on to brighter things. An 8:15 doctor's appointment--and that wasn't his first of the day. I had one at 7:30 once. He seemed pleased with my hip, told me the water on the elbow wasn't harmful, and prescribed a different NSAID for the knees and back. I had some left from Kenya and they seem to offer longer (and stronger) relief. Plus, they are non-narcotic.

So I dropped that off at Walgreen's on my way home, then headed to the big blue (and tan) box. Beasts again--I needed dry cat food. Naturally I got other stuff too, but the tab was under $30, so that's not bad.

I had a really late lunch/early lupper so that I could pick up my prescription on the way home. When I got to the counter I thought I must be in the Twilight Zone or something--absolutely nobody in front of me and the wait time was zero. Of course, the line at the drop-off window was long, but I'd dropped the prescription off at the drive-up on the way home in the morning.

I managed to keep Lady in until I was ready to feed the cats, when she dashed out. This does not show a great deal of intelligence on her part. I put down the cat food, then went out to fix the dogs' dinner. Lady played coy and rolled seductively (scratching her back) on the cement. I scooped her up and tossed her inside so she could get her dinner before the others ate it. Last night she slept on top of me. Obviously, she had forgiven me for not letting her out all day.

Tomorrow is New Orleans day. I am looking forward to the break in my non-routine.

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