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No, this time it's not about my eclectic reading habits. This time it's about reading itself, and those who have somehow reached adulthood without being able to read.

When I first heard about the "Each One Teach One" of the Laubach program I was interested. Well, why not? Reading means so much to me. But, I was involved with lots of other things.

When Katrina wiped out my teaching job I thought about it again, and when the paper ran an article about the local group I contacted the person more or less in charge.

Today was the first of two six hour training sessions for prospective tutors and I had a very interesting time. I think there were a dozen of us, the majority very "experienced adults" like myself (aka older). We went through the fundamentals of learning to read via phonics (to my way of thinking, about the most logical--and with it YD was reading by 4) and the workbooks used in the program. We went over most of the stuff in the first levvel book and some of what is in the second level. (There are four levels to the program.) Next week we'll each be "teaching" a lesson to each other. There's a set pattern to be followed for each lesson and the instructor's guide has a script.

Both adults and children use the program, but I said I preferred adults. The adults often come by way of their probation officers, and we were told what to do if a student showed up obviously "under the influence." Meetings are in a public place--in this the local library, at one of the study tables.

I figure that since is essentially an evening thing, my job (paid or volunteer) won't get in the way. And I'll have plenty to do between now and next Saturday going over the materials.

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