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I've talked about the college kids who are spending spring break in New Orleans. Today I met a bunch. They were at the Women's Center to help with interviews for the Center's Katrina project. And yes--they've put in a day gutting houses already.

I was busy processing endless papers, but when I broke for a quick lunch I moved over to where one young woman was doing a telephone survey of Mardi Gras Indians--asking what their housing losses had been, AND what their costume losses might have been.

The group spent about three hours there, either on the phone or entering data into the computers. I never did find out just where they are from.

I am just about ready to type up (on the computer, of course) the details of what is in each folder in each box. There are two boxes in this batch, and 56 folders in one of the boxes. Tuesday I'll number the folders in the other box and then prepare the file stuff so people know what is where.

Once again, the little cat was Good Cat with respect to trying to get when I left. A couple of days of being outside the whole day and I think she's gotten the message. She's a smart one and can usually figure out whether I'm going somewhere for just a while or all day. She has also stopped trying to run out after being fed. A couple of nights outside took care of that one. It's much nicer to curl up on the human while she sleeps than to find a cozy spot outside.

Tomorrow is the second of the literacy training days, and I need to go over the materials this evening. The training is twelve hours for certification and then we're deemed eligible to have a student. That should be when it gets really interesting.

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