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Yep--another one of those days which are trivial to the max. Let's see what can be dredged out of that.

Last night it was fairly cold--a two cat night. Lady (aka Bad Cat) slept on my stomach and CC settled down so that my feet were solidly pinned in place--and very warm. Our weather prognosticators seem to be of the opinion that this is (maybe, probably?) the last really coolish spell.

Now I know (from experience) that days in the low sixties are considered balmy in some parts of the country. Remember--I spent two and a half years in cheyenne Wyoming, which had two seasons: winter and July. In bad years it was winter and Frontier Days--a celebration the last week of July. I also recall the furnace cycling on almost every night of the year.

But this is the South! It's supposed to have balmy winters. And most of the time it does, so the occasional 40 degree (or lower) night is acceptable.

With my increased weekday planned activities, I'm trying to remember everything I need so there's only one trip to the grocery each week. I've got my fingers crossed that I managed that today. Some of the stuff is still in the car--I move two or three bags at a time. And I always put the cold stuff on the seat so that I take it in first.

I didn't get quite all the household stuff done that I had on my list. Actually, I got almost none of it done, but the evening is barely here and I still have time to empty the dryer. And do another load of wash. Maybe.

Tomorrow is an at home day. Theoretically, I can accomplish a lot. My incentive will be working on the history project after lunch. And reviewing the teaching materials for the literacy group.

I'm currently reading a book by Maureen Dowd titled Are Men Necessary? I started it last night and hope to make more progress this evening. The only TV that might interrupt my train of reading thought is "Desparate Housewives." A friend sent me the book and when I finish it I think it will get donated to the Women's Center library, along with some of my books on women in Latin America.

If tomorrow is another IUD I hope it's IU in a different way, whatever that might be.

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