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I must have had a mental lapse.

I agreed to visit a class of second graders (described by their teacher as "rowdy") and talk about archaelology! The school is 40 miles from here, in Hammond.

This will NOT be really soon--I have to figure out what to talk about that would get the attention (for 10 seconds at least) of 8 year olds. And, I am thinking about bringing along something they can "dig" in. (I can probably get the dirt from my eventually-to-be-neighbor. They have a heap of it out back.)

Kids no doubt think about dinosaur bones, rather than detritus of old civilizations. The next time I see Judy I'll have to ask her how their reasoning skills are. In other words, why you can't find 1950 coins in stuff dating in the 1940s and earlier.

I think I'll either wear or take my "digging" slacks, with all the notations on the legs of precise locations of artifacts. (It was easier just to write on the pants with the magic marker I was using on the pottery shards than to find a piece of paper.)

I must be nuts to have agreed to this.

Any readers with second graders: PLEASE give me some tips on this age group. (My e-mail link is at the top.)

Other than spending this afternoon wondering about my sanity I didn't do much. My "schedule" up until recently has been quite unstructured and I've slept when I felt like it, and not worried if I couldn't sleep at night. Now that I have a routine I need to get back into a more predictable sleeping pattern and not depend on the naps to supplement when I haven't felt like sleeping at the "usual" time. In other words, I had a nice long nap this afternoon.

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