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Saving Things
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I spent most of today at work going through folder after folder of Newcomb Alumnae files.

My but those women saved EVERYTHING--frequently in duplicate. The archivist wasn't there today, but I need to find out just how many copies of a letter acknowledging receipt of a donation need to be saved. And a bunch of other stuff.

Once again, it's a good thing I'm a volunteer, because I stop and read a lot of what I'm working on.

Today it was mostly memorial funds and scholarship funds. Several of the funds came about with donations of some type of securites at the owner's death. The good part about this is that they kept the securities and used the yield for the scholarships.

I'm pretty sure that the checks themselves (from the 1970s) don't need to be saved, nor do multiple copies of thank you letters. Once I get general guidelines as to just what should be saved I'll be going a lot faster.

This morning a truck drove off the 26 mile Causeway. It was southbound, so that meant that side was closed to all traffic. Those poor people behind him had two choices: detour way to the north end of the lake or detour to the south and join the throngs on the Twin Spans. Luckily, I was about to cross the lake (on the old bridge) about when the accident happened so it did't impact my travel time.

By the way--do you know what to do if you are in a car that goes into the water? If the windows are closed, do nothing--the water pressure won't let you open the door until the inside of the car has a lot of water in it. There will still be air to breathe near the roof. Oh yeah--try to relax! (How do I know this? Remember, I've been doing water safety training more than thirty years.)

Tree man is coming tomorrow to do the official licensed arborist paperwork that the IRS wants in order to allow a casualty loss.

I need to start thinking about weed-whacking the rye grass which is growing extremely enthusiastically in several places. I didn't say I needed to DO it, just to think about it.

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