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Back in a Routine
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This is my third week on the "job" and I'm really liking being back in a routine. I also like what I'm doing and feel more than a little bit useful.

I started in to N.O. about ten minutes later than usual but got there by 9 AM. I had no wait to get on the bridge--they hadn't closed down to a single lane yet. I ran into a hint of a big-truck-ahead-of-me slight slowdown near the top of the high rise, but that eased up quickly on the downslope.

I can see as I clean out the storage boxes that I'll be doing a lot of inter-box rearranging. Material on a certain topic seems to be scattered. For one thing, I want to get all the financial stuff together. And there is a LOT to get tossed. I talked with the archvist this afternoon (she was in and out all today) and we'll probably go over ground rules on what to save tomorrow. Those first seven boxes that I processed were a snap.

But a lot of the material is really quite interesting, especially the parts from 1987 where Tulane's Arts and Sciences College combined faculties with Newcomb--which was founded as a liberal arts college for women. It was definitely a takeover, and it paved the path for the further takeover which is now being fought in the courts.

There's another woman who comes by for an hour or so every now and then to process other archival material. She's doing stuff on Newcomb women who did something special.

The traffic light situation on S. Claiborne continues to improve and I would not be surprised to see all of them working tomorrw morning--or afternoon at the latest. the only thing left of the McDonald's that was torn down last week is the battered sign. I'll be interested to see if that lot remains a McDonald's.

I have got to remember to get gas next week on Wednesday, even though I'll have plenty for a Thursday round trip. It's a royal pain to have to fight late afternoon traffic to get to Sam's gas station. Gas there this afternoon was $2.559 per gallon. Traffic was heavy getting there and back home, but I took advantage of the Wendy's out there to get one of their spinach/chicken salads. A minor consolation, but nevertheless a consolation.

Weather continues to be nice--temps in the 80s in the afternoon, which is enough that I turn on the AC in my office room, which has only one usable window. I think the weather people said something about cooling down a bit next week. I've learned that it's never safe to shut off the furnace pilot until about mid-May. If I do it earlier sure as anything the next day there's a cold snap and I have to light it again.

Enough blithering--time to read a bit,

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