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It Rained!
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It not just rained, it torrentialled. Luckily, this downpour came when I was inside Sam's looking for plastic paperclips. They didn't have any, and I managed to get out of the store under $50. I also ran into an old friend and we were chatting away when the deluge struck. There's nothing like being in a metal-roofed warehouse when the rain is coming down really heavily. Jim and I kept talking till it seemed to be letting up, and by the time I'd checked out the rain had stopped, making it easy to get to the car and unload the stuff I'd bought.

When I'd gotten to the parking lot I looked at the sky and looked to see whether there were any handicapped spots. There were several and I took one in case it might be raining when I came out of the store. Well, maybe my foresight brought me luck. I even managed to get home and get stuff inside before it rained again.

Bad Cat dashed out of the house as usual, but five minutes later was more than ready to come back in. I guess she did her business then decided wet grass was No Fun.

And I hear a rumble of thunder in the distance. The weather radar suggests that we will have some more (badly needed) rain this evening. Fine with me--I can cross off "water grass" from my list.

36 days until Hurricane Season 2006.

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