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This afternoon I made a start on the overgrown mess on the parish property direcly across the street from me--aka "the point." I hauled the weed-whacker there and started whacking. My oh my but those tall weeds have developed thick stems. All I managed to get done today was the part of the road next to the paved surface. But I know what I have to do next.

First, I'll get some bright red fluorescent paint and put big triangles on the sides of the rolling trash container that I use for yard work. Then I'll take the loppers and a pruning saw with me so I can get those expletive-deleted tree branches off the point. (One of the so-called removal services put them there.) That way I'll be able to whack away at what is supposed (IMHO) to be grass, but is now tall (about 3 ft.) plants. And since said plants are unwelcome in that location, ergo they are weeds. I'll relocate the tree branches down the road a bit where their sight doesn't offend me quite so much.

What I can't get down with the weed whacker I'll attack with the sling blade. (I can get mean about weeds.) Eventually it will look somewhat decent again. I hope. I've got some caladium bulbs I want to plant there. By the time I get them in, they will no doubt have sprouted, but at least that way I'll know which end goes up.

That was this afternoon.

This morning I looked at the clouds, I looked at the weather radar, and I got an early start for the weekly food restocking. It was early enough that I got a really close parking spot. (Just because I have a handicapped tag doesn't mean that there is automatically a spot available.) I looked at the clouds and tood a rain jacket and umbrella in with me. As so often happens, the mojo worked and when I came out there was nary a raindrop.

Incidentally, I have discovered that WalMart has a really nice assortment of Great Value ice cream flavors. Some of the more unusual ones include root beer sherbet swirl, raspberry sherbet swirl, black cherry with dark chocolate chips, and today a new one--chocolate fudge brownie. I'm not a peanut butter person, but today they also had peanut butter chocolate swirl and peanut butter caramel swirl. Best part is that they are only $2.50/half gallon. I try to discipline myself to a half gallon a week. And, with the working I now go there only once a week, so that helps.

I didn't do anything on my "project"--yet--today. TV is not so demanding of one's attention that I can't read at the same time. Tomorrow will be an intensive project day. My goal will be to have the sample chapter completed and typed up by Tuesday.

As little as I did on the yard today, at least it's a start.

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