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I just finished taking six grocery (paper) sacks of newspapers out to the car. And on four of those return trips I brought in the non-meltable groceries from this morning. (The meltables came in right away. The others could wait. Soemtimes it's three days before everything is inside.) That's things like the big bag of dry dog food--which doesn't come inside but has to be opened, "served," and put in the metal trash can to keep it safe from squirrels and dogs.

There are only three stairs, but that's a lot of up and down. Hence the "phew!

(And that's why I'm posting a bit earlier than usual. My office room has an AC, which feels very good right now.)

Tomorrow I'll go to the recycle center and empty those sacks out, then bring them back home, add some duct tape where needed, and start filling them up again. Paper grocery sacks are an endangered species, and the store where I used to be able to get soem (for 10 cents each) has yet to reopen after being flooded. A paper which used to come six days a week now comes three days a week, as a free throw. It combined the papers from the east and west ends of the parish, since the one at my end (east) got badly flooded. It's still pretty much of a rag. But without that paper at least the papers don't accumulate quite as fast. And more immediately post-K the New Orleans paper was a lot thinner than before.

That little black and white cat of mine has my dogs totally intimidated. They won't come over to eat if she's nearby. I finally grabbed her and managed to toss her inside. Then the dogs ate. I don't think they've ever had a confrontation, but they won't challenge her or chase her or anything. And she doesn't go after them. But they won't eat if she's around. They recognize that she's part of the "family," I guess.

YD told me yesterday that Mother's Day was being postponed a week, due to the belated birthday party, which was two weeks and two days after the event.

I had sort of planned to go to PJ's this afternoon, in hopes that they were open, and work on the sample chapter some. But my body had a sinking spell and I didn't wake up till mid-afternoon. This evening I need to review another, more recent, book about the period. The one that I've been reading was written in 1976, and there's been a lot more research and findings since then. I need to set myself a time "deadline" for this. I need to get the proposal done and submitted, then keep on reading and updating and rewriting while it is under consideration. With luck I'll have a busy summer.

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