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A Stab in the Back
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I'm sure the doctor would not appreciate that term, but that is, in essence, what the treatment for my sciatica is. A spinal injection. This year he did it in the radiology lab to be very precise. The back feels better, of course. I'll know better tomorrow after a day of work. He wants to see me again in three weeks. I'll call the office tomorrow.

There was a funny part--I was ready to be discharged and they couldn't find my chart. The nurses were looking all over, but couldn't find it. So, they wrote another discharge slip and I signed it.

When I was back in the room post-procedure the nurse from the Infusions Center dropped in. He'd spotted me being rolled past. He had been my husband's nurse in his last hospitalization, and was very much on edge as his wife went past her due date for their child. He, of course, remembered me also from the 40 days that I spent getting IV antibiotics for Elvis' bite. (I let Elvis share my bed and he left me with an infection.) (Elvis was Fabian's best friend and died of liver failure.)

That pretty much took care of the day. I puttered around in the morning, showered, then got ready to go.

Tomorrow things will be back to "normal."

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