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Good for Another Four Years
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I had a medical appointment at 8:45, so I figured that as long as I was out of the house for that I'd take a good book and head for DMV when I was done. The last time I renewed my license at DMV was eight years ago. Louisiana lets you renew by mail once, and I took full advantage of that. But, I had to present myself this year so that they could see that I was alive and could see. It took me a little over an hour, and for DMV that is pretty good. It took me more than two hours back in January when I got my handicapped tag, but since then some other offices have reopened.

The miraculous part is that the picture on my new license is not horrible. In fact, it is almost as good as my passport picture! The other part was the price: $12.50. I was SURE that I'd shelled out a $20 bill the last time. I am not complaining.

It will be interesting to see if I can renew again by mail four years hence. While that method is really convenient, considering my age I would hope that DMV would do their perfunctory eye check a little more frequently than every eight years on people over 70.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading another new book, first at Arby's and then at PJ's. It was a REALLY hot day and therefore it was an OPAC day. I drank two cups of coffee as "rent" for that lovely comfy chair, so good for reading.

Cross fingers, but I may have found a carpenter/handyman. He's another PJ's regular and he just recently fixed up their stair and ramp handrails. He does odd job carpentry on a sliding scale ($15 - $25/hr) and I commented that I'd had a handyman for a while that I paid $20/hr--cash of course. A bit more chitchat and I think that I'll be getting my fence repaired, and then all sorts of other things. Talk about luck.

Tomorrow I get another back injection. Those are magic. Let's hope it really keeps those swellings down for a long time!

And, I want to say that I love my new air conditioner. It has variable everything and I now have the fan at what I consider a reasonable noise level, and the temperature at a comfort level. No more having to choose between high and low for the fan, and your guess is as good as mine for the temperature.

I put the old one up on the FreeUse network, said it was ten years old and didn't cool any more, and someone said they might be interested. It might even be repairable--who knows!

Today's high temperature was 99. On the other hand, that comes with a high pressure area, which is just what we need to keep Alberto headed for Florida (sorry, Florida!)

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