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The Waitress
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I took the friend who has been transporting me to the back treatments to lunch today. We met at Chili's, where she had never been. The waitress came over, "blah blah blah and I'm Amy. Aren't you Miss Sue?"

Well, of course. What else but a long-time former swim student. She showed me a picture of her baby girl, patted her tummy and said it was another girl. I told her I was getting more and more kids of former students. Naturally I left a larger than usual tip.

After lunch I headed down the interstate one stop and left off three bags of old newspapers. I have a bad habit of letting them accumulate till I have seven or eight bags. Getting them all to the car is tiring, especially with the hip, so one day it occurred to me that if I put the bags in the back of the car as they got filled up, I could swing by the recycle center on the spur of the moment. About the only groceries that go in the back are dog food and fire ant killer, so they aren't in the way of much of anything.

Today was hot again, and once again the green pixels on the weather map are staying away from my area. Yesterday's downpour in New Orleans didn't make it to the north shore, although it did get my car thoroughly washed off.

Another Incredibly Unremarkable Day.

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