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Not a particularly interesting day, when I think about it. My former maid came by with JW materials. Turns out her husband (who was with her today) was the guy who fixed my telephone post-K. I'd called the phone company and just for the heck of it reported my phone as out. Well, this was only a couple of weeks after the storm and I figured everybody's phones were out. However, a couple of days later I got a call on my cell phone asking about the dogs barking. Telephone guy discovered that my number was still on the main line, and all that was needed for service was a new line strung across the road.

Oh--today the dogs didn't let out a peep. They'd already met both the people and figured they were okay. Why waste energy barking at people the human had already talked nicely to in the past?

A couple of weeks ago I'd listened to a very interesting discussion by a group of Iranian women on my new Saturday morning indulgence--Book TV on C-Span. The women were all contributors to a book about (what else) Iranian women of today. As soon as the discussion was over I headed for the computer and a few clicks later had ordered My Sister; Guard Your Veil; My Brother; Guard Your Eyes.

Today I indulged myself again. I started reading it at lunch, then continued when I moved to PJ's. I had planned to work on The Project, but it is not that long a book so I finished it. I highly recommend it.

On the "whatever happened to personal privacy" front, first I read in today's paper about all my banking information being in an international data bank, then I spotted the same news on BBC's internet news.

And in line with political thought, Sister Joan has another thoughtful piece this week.

It was so lovely this morning--about 70 degrees. The rain cooled things down nicely. This afternoon it got into the 90s, but it peaked about five degrees less than yesterday. Judging by the weather radar we should be getting some nice cooling rains again tonight. (And if you're reading this Sunday or later the weather radar will show current weather.)

That would be very nice.

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