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What's It Like?
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What's it like to live in a city where you have electricity four hours a day--if you are lucky?

What's it like to learn that a good friend was shot and killed?

What's it like to try to live in Baghdad these days, when the rape of a young girl is becoming horrifyingly commonplace? And it's committed by those supposedly bringing "freedom and democracy" to Iraq?

Riverbend has another posting up on her site.

And another "ought to" read, which I have probably mentioned before: The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, by Paul Kennedy. It's what's been happening for about 500 years as one nation after another rises to become a world power--and then declines as it finds itself overextended, especially militarily. In the 16th century it was Portgual, followed by Spain in the 17th. France was the top power in the 18th century and Great Britain (England) in the 19th. Remember the saying "The sun never sets on the Union Jack?"

The 20th century saw the rise of the United States. And let's face it, we are already seeing signs of decline. More and more money is going for foreign "adventures" and less and less for domestic needs. The imbalance between haves and have nots is increasing--that's what tax cuts for the very rich do.

My guess for the 21st century (if we don't blow ourselves to smithereens with atomic warfare, or destroy the environment to the point where it supports a whole lot less life) is China, or maybe Japan. There are times when I'm glad I'm 70 and (probably) don't have another 40 or 50 years to look forward to.

But my kids and grandkids do.

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