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Internet Tales, part 2
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When I finally came back to my desktop computer, the internet was connecting to it quite normally. Go figure.

Meanwhile, I had installed the mouse on the laptop, then started listing (in proper bibliographic fashion) all the books I'd used so far in the Great Project. It was nice to be able to write in good old Word, rather than Works. After that I fooled around with bookmarks. I have yahoo companion so that I can access bookmarks from any computer. But I have to be sure to shift bookmarks to Yahoo on the main one so they're accessible from anywhere. (One of my colleagues told me this trick.)

I called the tree guy about 11 to verify that he wasn't coming today and to explain that the rest of the week was booked solid. I think we settled on next Monday, weather permitting. At least the trees don't pose an imminent danger.

What else did I do today? Oh yeah-- I Frontlined the cats. And now all their fleas are dying. Now is the time to flea-spray the carpets so they if they laid eggs before they die the eggs won't hatch. Or if they do the little ones will be done in by the residue in the carpet.

A pretty dull day, wouldn't you say, except that now my laptop is close to a duplicate of the desktop in materials stored on it.

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