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Under the Table
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Well, I just finished crawling under the card table that holds my computer and trying to find assorted things connected to the back end of the CPU. It's hot and dark there. Why? Internet problems again. My second call to the cable people got me a human being who had me trying just about everything. Finally, he had me reroute the modem from its connection to the router to a direct connection to the CPU. And now I have internet again.

He was quite patient as I grunted and groaned as I got up and down off the floor. When I get more energy I'll redo the connection to the router (so I can have wireless) and see what happens.

That whole thing took only about half an hour. At least this room is air-conditioned or I'd probably have short circuited everything with the sweat pouring off me.

While going through the files today I discovered the name of the Academic Affairs Dean at Xavier. She started out at Xavier, but then transferred to Newcomb her sophomore year. She was the first African-American student at Newcomb. The first African-American student at Tulane (in the Social Work grad school) enrolled a year or so earlier, with no fuss (at least no overt actions). That woman was the Social Sciences department chair at Dillard, and hired me to teach part time.

About mid-afternoon I looked out the windows and wondered if this was going to be another wading afternoon--it was raining and the streets were very full of water. However, by the time I left most of the water had drained away. I didn't see any signs of afternoon showers on this side of the lake, although I went through some in New Orleans.

Well, that apartment complex (in N.O.)I was talking about is almost completely gone. It had 268 units for low income families. No plans have been announced for that property, although there has been talk of a mixed income complex.

The apartment complexes on the south side of Slidell, built on what was marshes 40 years ago, are about 1/3 restored, or in the process of being restored. Those that are being repaired (rebuilt) tend to have FEMA trailers in the parking lots.

Working Monday, Thursday, and Friday has messed up my internal calendar. Tomorrow is the weekend! I've got to start thinking about what I need to get done and what sort of HAS to get done. (Cleaning cat boxes comes under that heading.)

I don't really mind the afternoon showers--they cool things off. And the bermuda grass is filling in nicely in my "front" yard where I had the rye planted for the winter. I'd put "yard work" on my weekend "ought-to" list except that there's little point in doing it till after the tree man comes. (Am I good at logical procrastination or what?)

Now it's time to do my usual internet thing and catch up on who's doing what.

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