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Today would have been an even duller day except that YD came by with YGD and GS. OD is off collecting OGD, so YD was helping out with her nephew, since his father had a gig today. (He has a old-time jazz band, as well as being a doctor.)

GS gets along really with well with his little cousin--I guess it gives him a chance to be something other than little brother, although he is growing like a weed. YGD is getting more and more verbal, and she has a fantastic memory. She remembered just where to look for the cats and the toys.

I also got to see YD's new car--a Honda Fit. It's cute, but has an amazing amount of potential "carrying stuff" space inside. OD's husband (he's younger than YD's husband, so it's hard to define him clearly in abbreviations--and the same goes for YD's husband) has a Cooper Mini, and the amount of space in that one is equally surprising.

Other than grocery shopping in the morning and the visit in the afternoon, it was a really incredibly dull day.

BadCAt is becoming quite the huntress. I heard her meowing as though she had a mouth full of something--which she did. She was very proud of her lizard, but when she let him go so she could catch him again, he ran under something. When I pulled in to park after groceries she was chasing another creature of some type--probably another lizard. I can't imagine why she likes to be outside!

On the other hand, CC is quite happy to stay inside and hunt roaches. I'm all in favor of that! And of course I'm talking about the giant ones--about two inches long and able to fly--known in Florida as palmetto bugs.

Fabian justifies his existence by being loveable and affectionate. Nothing like a 25 pound cat who wants to cuddle on your lap in 90 degree weather.

Now for an evening of reruns while I read something and figure out what I'll wear tomorrow.

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